Affordable And Fashionable Wholesale Workwear From Jones Of BoerumHill
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Affordable And Fashionable Wholesale Workwear From Jones Of BoerumHill

Most of the stores are known for the material that they provide, whether it is apparel, shoes, food or even just something as small as a stationary item. However, the feature that distinguishes a good store from an average one is the store’s employees and how well they carry themselves. It has been noted time and time again that the staff members of a shop do not put in any thought when it comes to following a universal attire. They are usually seen looking shabby and unprofessional in their varied casual looks. To resolve this issue, Jones of Boerum Hill is a company that designs wholesale workwear and uniforms.

How the idea was born?

Jones of Boerum Hill started their journey in 2012 in the beautiful place of Brooklyn, New York. The establishers of the present-day company were surprised when they observed that companies spend billions to set up a simple shop. They utilise a lot of money to hire the best architects, great raw material and even the finest people as their staff. However, one thing that they forget to do is pay a small fee for their workers’ attires to make them look more presentable and decent. The owners of the company spent a year researching on the topic of workwear and brainstormed over how to make the uniforms fashionable.

Who do they cater to?

The company caters in the UK and the USA. They provide wholesale workwear to restaurants, cafes, apparel wear, fashion houses, high profile clients, cobbler, hospitality industry. The company produces only the finest quality aprons using the best fabrics and trims. All the uniforms and workwear are produced exclusively in United States of America itself. The company prides itself over providing good customer service and gains fame by collaborating with companies and brands of all types, sizes and backgrounds.


Jones of Boerum hills work tirelessly to expand their collection of whole aprons. Traditional canvas aprons. Waxed aprons, denim aprons, Italian leather aprons etc are some of the examples of the type of wholesale orders accepted. The aprons provided are suitable for all the genders and they come with pockets. Thousands of service industry workers and hospitality industry workers love the workwear manufactured by Jones of Boerum Hills. The wholesale workwear stock is available throughout, all year round. The details provided are as stylish as they are functional. Moreover, the cost is decent as compared to skyrocketing costs of many apparels providing shops.

The smart, affordable and friendly apparels have attracted customers from all over the world to the company. Along with the products offered, the company is even excellent in providing customer service, delivery service etc. the cherry on top is that the company caters to its customers directly, removing the middlemen.