Choosing Eyeglasses Based on Your Face Shape and Skin Tone
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Choosing Eyeglasses Based on Your Face Shape and Skin Tone

You are irked because when you look at the models in optical shops, they look attractive even with eyeglasses on but when it is time to put on your eyeglasses, it looks nightmarish. Maybe you are exaggerating but that is what you are feeling every time you wear your glasses.

If you are due for eyeglasses replacement, it is time that you put matters into your own hands. You can actually find eyeglasses that will enhance your looks if you just know how to choose base on your face shape and skin tone. Here’s how to choose whether you buy prescription glasses online or not:

Face Shape

  • Oval: when you ask experts, the ideal shape is oval because of its balanced proportion. If you have an oval face, your goal here is to simply maintain the natural balance of your face. You should opt for frames that are as wide as the broadest part of your face.
  • Heart: heart-shaped is characterised by a wide tip and narrow bottom. Your goal here is to reduce the width of the top face. You can do this by picking frames with a wider bottom
  • Square: the square face is characterised by a strong jaw and broader forehead. When you look closely, the width and length of the face have the same proportions. Look for frames that have more depth and width.
  • Diamond: diamond-shape is characterised by narrow forehead and jawline but have broader cheekbones. You should consider frames that have distinctive brow lines, which will highlight your eyes and soften the cheekbones.
  • Round: the round face is characterised by curved lines with the same length and width but no angles. You should look for frames that will make your face thinner and longer like angular narrow eyeglasses.

Buying Prescription Glasses Online

In the end, the key to finding the right frame is to keep in mind that opposites attract. You have to pick eyeglasses that are opposing your facial contours because it will bring symmetry and balance to your features. Before you decide, it is imperative that you try on hundreds of frames from (ray ban eyeglasses).

Skin Tone

Just like your face shape, the skin tone will also determine which frames will accentuate your features. Essentially, you should choose a shade that is close to your skin tone.

  • Warm skin tone: you have a warm skin tone if you have a bronze or golden cast complexion. You should avoid contrasting colors like pastels, white and black. The best color for you is brown shade, gold, honey, beige, and even olive green.
  • Cool skin tone: you have a cool skin tone if you have a pink or blue undertone. You should avoid colors that will wash you out. The best color is a dark tortoise, gray, mauve, purple and blue.

Aside from the skin tone, the color of your eyes should determine the choice of frame color. You should also check your hair color. As soon as you determined your face shape and your skin tone, you can find the eyeglasses that will suit you.