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Common Myths That You Will Hear About Replica Watches

If you take at first glance, fake replica watches are truly magnificent when it comes to the closeness of its identical features to the original ones and a lot of people patronize this compared to the original watches for obvious reasons; because it is cheap.

If you google replica watches, these specific keywords appear more than a thousand times from various online shopping sites as well as sites that called itself experts in determining ways to spot a fake watch from the original one.

In fact, there are two types of people who buy replica or counterfeit watches, the first one is the type of people who want to feel and look for a watch they desire to own but cannot afford to buy it, so instead they bought the replica of it while the second one is the type of people who are just too duped or got cheated bluntly.

The makers of these counterfeit watches or replica watches are pretty hard to determine and most of the time you cannot tell immediately if it is the real one more often than you can think of.

Although Chinese counterfeit watches are easily recognizable the market is still full of counterfeits that have a very serious design that makes us difficult to determine if it is fake or not. In this article, let us discuss some important details about finding out the common myths about fake or replica watches that we can buy online and tell if it is original or not.

Replica Watches

In this article as well, we will go into deeper detail on identifying replica watches to prevent any confusion from our readers to determine real ones from fake ones. If you want to buy replicas, you should also read this article so that you will buy nothing but the best swiss replica watches out there at the cheapest price possible.


A lot of people say that fake watches are lighter than genuine watches. Well, replica watches today have evolved to the point that its weight is as heavy as the original ones, making the weight as an acid test not relevant at all so better check it again with other tests instead of this one.

They say that replica watches are not designed that complicated at all. First off, replica watches nowadays are designed to be more complicated and well-designed that you will always mistake it as an original watch. A lot of luxury watches does not have any complications except the date that appears on it. Therefore, any complication test will not be that helpful at all to determine replicas from the real one.


Only real and original watches have genuine movement. That is not true at all. They say that replica watches do not move the same ever, well, most replicas’ gears and chassis are either Chinese-made or Japanese-made which are equally precise as the original. This means that replicas and original watches may have the possibilities move genuinely or sometimes out of synchronization from its featured sets.