Everything You Need To Know About Rubber Watch Straps For Tudor Watches
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Everything You Need To Know About Rubber Watch Straps For Tudor Watches

With the extreme modernity seen in today’s highly competitive world, everyone wants to be better than others.  No matter what field it is, we simply aspire to be the best we can.  Everyone wishes to live a luxurious life and spend their money on the best products available in the market.  We all want the biggest brand names and logos to be seen on the stuff that we own.  Whether it is the clothes we wear, the car we ride, the drinks we prefer, or the shoes we wear, we want everything to be branded. Owning expensive things and branded products only adds more style to our oh-so-cool Lifestyle.

Luxury watches are no exception to this cool lifestyle. Luxury watches are no doubt a great investment.  From the many brands that are available in the market, Tudor is one of the quality brands that you can opt for if you are looking for buying a wristwatch that adds more style to any outfit you wear

Tudor- one of the biggest brand names in the luxury watch industry.

Based in Geneva, Montres TUDOR SA is a swiss high-end manufacturer of luxury and smart wristwatches.  Being a sister company of Rolex, Montres TUDOR SA, or simply Tudor was registered in the year 1926 and is owned by the owner of Rolex company popularly known as the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation.

Rolex WatchesDifferent types of rubbers used for making Tudor watches

·         Natural rubber: Watches made from natural rubber were not that popular in the earlier times, but with the introduction of nitrile rubber, watch straps made up of this nitrile rubber gained a lot of popularity among the masses. They were easy to afford and comfortable to wear on all occasions. 

·         Silicone rubber: If we keep aside the sticky nature of silicone, the straps made up of silicone can be easily shaped, modified, and colored according to the demands of the customers. However, most people do not prefer wearing watches having a silicone rubber strap. 

·         PVC rubber: It is a highly durable thermoplastic Vinyl polymer 

·         PU rubber: PU is the short form for Polyurethene, a polymer having good elastic qualities. It is also a very durable and highly functional material. 

Reasons to buy rubber watch straps for Tudor 

·         To give you a sportier look: Especially if you are a sports person, then rubber watch straps would help you to add more style to your sporty look.

·         They have the ability to withstand the outdoor elements like the heat of the Sun, rain, water, etc. As they do not undergo damage very quickly even if a person performs some rough activities in odd weather conditions.

·         Does not lose its colour or undergoes fading with time.

·         Have the ability to dry too quickly after coming out of the water. Water cannot damage it.

Buy watches for divers

Because of all the above-mentioned reasons, rubber watch straps for Tudor make them a perfect fit for people playing all kinds of sports activities like swimming, boating, etc. Is also the best choice if you are looking to buy watches for divers.