Expose the new look with colored contact lens
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Expose the new look with colored contact lens

Contact lens are getting famous due to its new look and view among most of the people. If you want to have the choice of selecting your appearance and make a different look, colored lens will do wonder. This is really a considerable preference which you can choose within most of the wide choice. There are various brand and options that will basically get you through all the experience. If you want to have the basic understanding about all the interesting features, you should check before making a move along the eyeglasses. Contact lenses are the excellent choice that anyone can find within nearby options. There are various basic and interesting preferences that one should understand before starting to use lens.


First and foremost factor to consider while selecting a lens is to check out the material. This means a biggest difference and this will make you maintain the eye health as well your comfortable. There are various number of materials found within lens. Few choices among those are

  • Soft lens
  • Silicone hydrogen lens
  • Gas permeable lens
  • Hybrid contact lens
  • PMMA lens

All these have different core materials used and each will have different rigid kind of factors. Once you get through each material description, you will have better understanding.

Duration of wearing

As we all know contact lens should be worn for particular time duration and it is not recommended for longer wear, there are two types of lens based on timing variation. They are

  • Daily wear contact lens – It should be removed on every end of the day. This should not be worn during sleep time.
  • Extended wear contact lens – This kind of lens can be worn for few extended period but it also has limited time period usage. The continuous wearing will sometimes describe the time period more than 24 hours.

Replacing period

Even if the contact lens is taken proper care, you should make the replacement as it have expiry period. The lens can be classified based on the expiry period. Every top brand like bausch and lomb colored contacts also has different expiry based lens. They are

  • Daily disposable lens
  • Weekly disposable lens
  • Frequent replacement lens
  • Traditional (or) reusable lens


Lens also can be classified based on the variety and design available. The various designs constantly available with top brands like freshkon color contacts are

  • Spherical contact lens
  • Toric soft contact lens
  • Multifocal lens
  • Cosmetic lens

Every feature is customized and hard to find. It is always recommended to choose from the specific situation and guidance from expert preference. As you choose top brand, you are assured to have quality and safer lens for the usage.