Running on the treadmill has its advantages
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Running on the treadmill has its advantages

For runners, running outdoors is better than doing it on a treadmill, because this way allows us to get accustomed to the agents of nature and the weather that we normally face in a race. However, while many experts say that running outside provides more effective training, running on the treadmill can also be good for your training as an athlete. Look at these benefits:

It’s better for your joints:

The surface of the tape is less rigid than the asphalt. Your knees, hips, and ankles suffer less impact when falling against the belt compared to the ground. For this reason, always remember when you go out to train outdoors to run as much as possible on grass or dirt.

You can stop when you want:

If you run in the gym belt you can stop in the middle of the training in case you need it. If you do it on the street and you need to stop for any reason (pain, discomfort, fatigue) you may find yourself with a long way home.

More control:

You can adjust the speed and inclination. This can help you to be more clear about how your training was for the day. You can even do rhythm changes, slopes or simulate passes.

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Without traffic:

Above the tape, beste loopband  you do not need to worry about the presence of dogs, cars, wells, bad weather, and unsafe neighborhoods, among others. Maybe training on the tape makes you feel more secure. Another advantage is that you can train with music without having to listen to what is happening around you. On the street, it is advisable to run with the volume not so high, to hear the car horns or other warning signals.

But, be careful … Despite all these benefits, running down the street forces you to become stronger psychologically to face a career. If you always train in gym tape it will surely cost you more to feel safe in a street race, especially if it is long distance. Therefore, in any case, the idea is to alternate between both types of training and use the tape for cases such as days with bad weather or when schedules are complicated.

We will feel that we have more energy

One of the problems of sedentary life is to feel tired, however little we do our body feels tired due to the lack of activity, and it is something that must be stopped because it is responsible for more deaths than the own overweight, imagine in the case of both !.

By developing more muscles and keeping them active, our body will have much more strength and strength, we will tire much less, and therefore we will make better use of the day to do everything. They say that life is short and to spend it sitting is a pity when we can do everything that we like but also in a healthier way and taking more time.