Some Reasons For Durian Vacuum Packaging
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Some Reasons For Durian Vacuum Packaging

Durian is probably the most famous controversial fruit, being loved to the end and ugly at the same time. For those who could not tolerate the smell or taste of the fruit, they described it as disgustingly stinging, as fragrant as the gas flowing from the stove, a cruel attack of the palate, such as rotten, moldy meat or even manure (sorry, but people have reached that vicious extremity in the description). But people who are passionate about fruit have considered it with pleasure, as the most extraordinary fruit you can find on earth, and they think that the meat has a rich heavenly taste, has a great depth that puts you on a level of addiction. These dead Durian fans struggled to find the best Durian, no matter where it might be or how much it might cost.

In this article, we tell you why someone would pack in a vacuum and many of the benefits of doing so.

First of all, it would be good to define what vacuum packaging is! It’s too easy, especially with terms that are pretty close to every day, to assume that everyone knows what they’re talking about. So to make sure we’re all on the same page: in vacuum packaging, the clear plastic wrap is first heated, then cooled around durian or another object, excluding some or almost all of it. The air as it cools.

So I answered the question, “What is it?” Now, what’s the point? One is found on large-scale vacuum packaging, but not exclusively in the durian retail trade: at the supermarket’s fruit or fruit and vegetable section. Vacuum packed durian in this way is less susceptible to bruising.

The shelf life is extended in other ways, as with the bacon, where the elimination of climatic oxygen and nitrogen preserves freshness. Similarly, in cheeses, the air that arrives at the durian would dry it quicker and make it moldy. Vacuum packaging is generally calculated to extend the shelf life by three to three times.

Hotels and catering

Vacuum packaging is also widely found in the hotel and catering industry, where durian is prepared and provided with a transparent over-wrapped film until it is consumed. A vacuum packing machine may be used for these purposes. In the house, where the durian keeps longer with the vacuum packaging changed than refrigeration, we encounter a similar procedure. But it is not just a matter of excluding air, but also an improvement in hygiene at the same time.

Climate change

Importantly, all of the above actions reduce durian waste. Millions and millions of tons of durian thrown away every year when they rot release large amounts of methane and carbon dioxide. This contributes to global warming, so the humble vacuum packaging machine plays its role in reducing this modern phenomenon – with its consequences on climate change.