What You Need to Know about Semi-Permanent Nails
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What You Need to Know about Semi-Permanent Nails

The concept of semi-permanent nails has changed a lot recently. It is not anymore limited to the use of stickers which was the trend in the past. Such nails often represent the women who value their time and are passionate about the way in which they decorate their nails. All you need to do is to get special semi-permanent enamels or Geles constructores and use them in your own home with a base that’s made of gel. This will enable your nails to be more durable and with a natural lasting effect.

How to Apply

Semi-permanent nails are the result of applying a particular kind of enamel that gives a superb result when used as gel base. Once this gel base is applied on the nail, it requires a UV lamp or LED for the semi-permanent nails to dry up and for their durability to increase up to 21 days without the nails becoming scratched or damaged.

The base gel is capable of giving a natural look to the nails and it can be bought at an affordable price. All you need to do is get a full kit of the manicure for your nails to have a professional touch at home.

Semi-Permanent Nails

The following are some of the tips for applying the geles constructores

When applying it on the nails, you have to make aluminum curls, or better yet you use small latex finger cots which are soaked in pure acetone. Then you need to leave it on for 5 to 15 minutes. This depends on the brand you use. The last step is to scrape.

When coating, it is crucial to lay thin layers of coating and then file the nail border. Once the coating is done the right way, the manicure can last for three weeks.


There are many advantages to having semi-permanent nails. First thing is that they are known to last for a longer time which is approximately three weeks. It also dries up easily which means that the user may not wait long for it to dry. It is also quite flexible which makes it easy to come up with some creative nail designs. The gel also makes the nail polish look fresh all the time while it is on your nails. It is the closest option anyone can have to natural looking nails.


Women can have the best nails without fretting much about the process. This can be possible through semi-permanent nails.